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Squaring the root chakra

I've been pondering the root chakra recently and what it's symbolism means (or at least what it means to me).

There are four petals on the root chakra flower. Four is the foundation. It is the four pillars that support the world. It is the four directions of the circle and the four elements.

But what else is related to it. I'm sure I'm only scratching the surface here but I also link FFFF (or Flags, Flax, Fodder and Frigg) to the root chakra. Mainly because the root chakra is all about our basic needs and the traditional witchcraft phrase is all about that. If we have shelter, clothing, food and sex/love (yes sex is important too) then we will be satisfied. Our basic needs will be met.

I've been focusing on my foundation - what do I need and what do I need to make myself feel safe, secure and grounded. Thing is, sex came up a lot - and I realised that sex is a basic need. I guess I thought it would be related to the sacral chakra, that sex is an emotional thing. But I guess I am misinterpreting what sex is. It still is a primal and physical need.

But these four basic needs are not the only needs. I would say financial security is important but you could say that links in with security about shelter, food and clothing.

I can definitely say that I do have some issues with my root chakra. There are areas where I feel insecure and others where I'm probably over compensating. Balance is always key.