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The altar of my heart

I recently read that the altar is a reflection of your heart - or more correctly your heart chakra - as well as being the hearth of the goddess. I must admit, I have never thought about it like that.

To express your heart in line with the universe is a wonderful thing but to work the magick it needs to be often, if not daily. And I think that's correct - sometimes daily life can cloud your thoughts and your heart can darken because of how people have treated you and how annoyed you get with them.

I've never really done daily devotionals before although it is something I have been looking into. Years ago I discovered the Fellowship of Isis rituals but I've never trained in it. Since Isis is my goddess I thought I would give the daily rites - from Dea: rites ans mysteries of the goddess - a go. The rites focus heavily on healing and while I haven't been doing them for long I have realised that healing of the heart involves wishes love and healing on your enemies as well as your loved ones. A happy heart chakra isn't obtained by selective universal love, so this makes sense. And it also helps to put aside trival nonsense and helps subside more painful feelings too.

It's only been a few days since I've started the daily devotions so I think I've still got a lot to learn about them, but I am finding the healing aspect useful to correctly undesirable feelings, to letting go of hurt and allowing universal love - also known as perfect love - into my heart.

And if you're wondering - here is my altar.


Mar. 19th, 2016 11:32 am (UTC)
Lovely, and avoiding the need many of us have to create a Spiritual magpie nest;>!
On Daily Devotionals; Make It Simple and Short. I've been on my Path since the mid 70's and more folks(including moi;>)don't follow through because they get too obsessed with "Theatre". The God/desses Know your Heart so just speak it. After something simple done daily for a number of months THEN you can add SOME "flourishes".